Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Darling Reya of The Gold Puppy wrote a post entitled Gratitude for My Teachers last month that touched upon the fact that teaching is indeed a choice folks make rather than a last resort to fall back on when all else fails.

Her post, which I am grateful for, also stated that some teachers are more effective than others. 

In the Dynamics and Dimensions of Teaching class I took several years ago at Fordham University we examined three approaches to teaching; Executive, Facilitator and Artist.

We then were given an assignment that required us to examine our teaching style by transcribing videos of ourselves teaching and coding each utterance and behavior.

In my final handout I likened the Executive and Facilitator approaches to a Greek God and Goddess.  I couldn't resist. (I also had a great graphic that I can't seem to transfer to this post.)

I wrote: 
The owl is the symbol of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. She is a patron and ally and representative of the Facilitator approach.

The thunderbolt is the symbol of the Greek God Zeus, ruler of the Olympian Gods.  He wields enormous power and absolute authority.  This represents the Executive approach to teaching.

The teacher as Artist orchestrates both approaches.

According to my analysis I am an artist. A little bit of the Facilitator and a little bit of the Executive.  
Whew!  I was hoping for that one.

I wonder if a quiz like this will show up on Facebook one of these days.

The Thank You and Feed Me signs are taken from the children's book The Hungry Thing (top picture) by Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler.  This is a wonderful book to share with young children who are developing phonemic awareness. For more on this read the Yopp & Yopp article.


TimWicks said...

That was a really interesting assignment they gave you. I write about the teacher vs facilitator scenario recently in my blog. It is a bit one eyed, as I am pro facilitator!
Blog is at,com_wordpress/Itemid,55/p,160
Cheers, and keep up the good work.

Reya Mellicker said...

The best teachers I've ever had included all three approaches, depending on the subject at hand, the personality of the students, and who knows what else?

You my darling are completely versatile, ready to go with the flow of whatever is happening in the room.

You're just so damn good! You are.

love & hoping you have sweet dreams tonight.

Steve said...

It definitely seems like the combination is the best way to go -- though I think if I were a teacher I might be too much facilitator and not enough executive. (I have my executive moments, though!)

Piano bars, indeed! Let's do it!

Mickle in NZ said...

What a good combination to have. Confirms you have chosen the absolutely right vocation. You have great skills and (knowing you only through your blog) a naturally intuitive way of delivering your teaching.

Have been through various types of "work" analysis. From the KOLBE looking at conitive style I'm an eztreme researcher - or it may just have been my mindset and annoyance on the day.

Miers/Briggs - I'm an INFJ.

From the assignment you were given, your results seem far more useful.

Have a super happy Easter break. Do some stuff just for you.

care and huggles, Michelle in Wellington NZ and my rescue lad Zebbycat

Ms. Gibson said...

Hey there!
Enjoy your spring recess!
Woo Hoo!!!

lettuce said...

yes, facebook needs more quizzes


i wonder which of these i am

WAT said...


Ugh, so many of our teachers are ZEUS-LIKE though. It's nice to find those artists. You know, deep down inside I am an artist! YES, I AM! I'm ridden with stupid issues though! ARGH! DAMN YOU INSECURITIES!

Pray for me Gary. I'm a good smart guy who needs to see the light once and for all and develop my full artistic potential.


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