Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was really interested in getting a child's perspective on the very broad topic of "Earth" so I asked a couple of children to share their thoughts.  

The happy 4-year-old I was holding in my arms laughed when I said the word and said that the earth was falling down on my head. BOOM!  

The 9-year-old took things a bit more seriously.

He immediately seized on the necessity to go green (see his artwork above).  As he meticulously drew the continents he discussed how his picture would include a speech bubble containing the word "Help" as well as indicating the effects of global warming. See the beacon of light on the right side of the picture? That is global warming.

He expressed concern about the state of our world but his worry didn't impact his ability to play with abandon when he was finished. 

That got me thinking...

Has the Inconvenient Truth of climate change and what it means to life on our planet become commonplace?  We were all up in arms a few short years ago asking 'what can I do?' but lately I don't sense that same type of urgency.  Is it because it does not exist or because it has become a way of life?

As we approach Earth Day (Wednesday, April 22) perhaps we can renew our vigilance in doing what we can to combat the terrible mess we've made of things. The point that folks tend to miss is that the earth will continue to evolve and find ways to survive with or without us. 


tony said...

Well ,i suppose, The Earth doesnt need us..........but we need The Earth.

Candie Bracci said...

Nice post Gary.Kids are the best.
Yes about what tony said here.

Have a nice day :)

Wings said...

Great post, and I love the pic!

Very true about the Earth. We, as it, are only temporary things. However, we may be much more temporary than the Earth.

BiblioMom said...

I enjoyed the idea of asking kids about a topic. I'd love to do that with my daughters and see what they say.

Ronda Laveen said...

I love the drawing and seeing through the children's eyes. Lovely post.

Barbara said...

You are so correct. We are simply the guests on this planet and we have made a real mess of things. Sadly I think you are absolutely right about the fact that we now understand but we have become complacent about acting on this knowledge. People need to focus on the consequence of doing nothing/little before it is too late.

Barbara said...

P.S. What convinced you to start posting so frequently? What a pleasure to find something new to read every time I visit!

Gary said...

Hi Barbara - I don't really know what sparked my posting frenzy. Maybe it is just that I am on vacation and have the time. But this has been very unusual for me and I am certain it won't last.

Thank you for reading and for commenting. I enjoy your feedback and thoughts.

Liza said...

The best way to change things is through our children. Happy Earth Day.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great contribution to tt!! I love when you post your kid's art work and their thoughts. they can be so deep.

go green, go earth!!

reyjr said...

it's so cool the kid immediately thought of the environment when you said earth. he must've seen Captain Planet too. lol! (but i guess he's too young!)

Mum's the word said...

Hi Gary,
I do enjoy reading your posts.
You have a unique perspective, not to mention the wonderful artwork.
My 5 1/2 year old always has an interesting view point and way of explaining herself too.
Look forward to the next one.

Gary said...

Wow, Theme Thursday folks certainly have some amazing, thought provoking, eclectic and fun blogs. I am enjoying visiting all of your blogs and thank you for visiting FYB.

Lynda said...

Hi Gary,

Have been enjoying your Blog Posts. Just about a new post daily. Nice when you are home, and have the time to write so many interesting blogs.

Loved the Go Green artwork. Children always cut right to the chase. We have to make positive changes to our precious earth.

Steve said...

I love that yellow beam of "Global Warming"! Cute!

I think people do what they can, at least the ones who aren't insane deniers and conspiracy theorists. But we all struggle with a "what difference can I make?" feeling too, I suspect. Does my compact fluorescent bulb really make a difference when the entire Empire State Building is lit up for hours every night? Does installing a low-flow toilet matter when doormen all over the city wash down the sidewalks with garden hoses every morning? Know what I mean?

I'm all for doing our part, and I try to do mine, but I can see why people are skeptical or choose not to think about it too much.

Dakota Bear said...

The perspective of children is very interesting.

I do think we are becoming more conscious just by using less plastic bags and replacing them with cloth totes. Granted we each need to do our small part everyday.

Megan said...

That is some amazing artwork.

lettuce said...

nice how he is so aware and still able to play with abandon

a tricky balance

WAT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WAT said...

I had to remove my previous comment post due to dumbass typos.

Great post G.

Listen, the whole urgency on global warming has died down a bit hasn't it? But I tells ya this, regardless of whether Al Gore and its proponents are full of it or not, the bottom line is that THAT 9 year-old senses that something is terribly wrong with our planet. and how sad for a child to see the reality so young.

We've f*cked it up so bad it's ridiculous! It's overpopulated, our animals are becoming extinct, it's polluted, and just plain overburdened with our presence! We are such an amazing creative artistic species, and yet we are complete destoyers to our home/environment! WHAT A DICHOTOMY!

I hate to be such a negative nelly, but at the rate we are going, we as a species are doomed! DOOMED YA READ ME?! And then the aminals and plants will flourish and take over once we are gone, like on those cool Armageddon Week History Channel specials! LOL!

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I was looking at your label cloud and was thinking that it looks like something our board of trustees just did to acknowledge our weaknesses, challenges, accomplishments, threats, hurts, strengths.


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