Sunday, August 24, 2014

Featured Blogger

The folks over at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids website have selected me as their featured blogger.  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids is an expansion of and is "a place for the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate".

They wrote some really nice stuff about me and Follow Your Bliss so if you have a moment please click on the link above and check it (and them) out.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I had romantic notions of a Hemingwayesque summer filled with a disciplined balance of writing all morning and replenishing the spirit late in the afternoon.

But, I am not Hemingway.

The mornings are too full of distractions.  The sunlight calls to me during the day and it is a struggle to ignore it.  Avoidance leads to inertia. I've spent days refusing to commit to not committing. When that happens, nothing is accomplished.

It turns out my work habits are better suited towards how I imagine Edgar Allen Poe must have worked.  I am most productive when it is dark and everyone has gone to bed.  Distractions cease and I no longer feel as though I am missing something beautiful.

I am a whiz from midnight to four a.m.

I may not have had the most adventurous summer but with my rhythm established it has been productive.  I completed data analysis in July and am currently on track to eek out a completed draft of my dissertation within the next month.


I see some late nights in my near future.


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