Sunday, May 19, 2019

Winding Down

Thumbs up for summer vacation
This difficult school year is coming to an end in 6 weeks and I couldn't be happier. I've been teaching 23 years - this has been the most unfulfilling experience to date. If they were all like this I would have walked away long ago.

The educational system is flawed. That is nothing new. Teachers are undervalued and disrespected politically, culturally, and administratively. However, we show up every day because of the relationships we foster with one another and because we believe the work we are doing with the children outweighs all the negativity.

Those moments of purpose provide the fuel to keep our engines running. The fuel I was given this year was compromised. Fighting negativity takes a toll. I look forward to viewing it in my rearview mirror.

There were some good things. Broadway Books First Class continued the mission of celebrating literacy and the Arts (although not to its full potential). My students are clever, engaging, eager, joyful, inquisitive, insightful, funny, charming, and sweet. Although I didn't get to utilize all of my skills as a reading specialist and use my knowledge of ASL to bridge language and print, I was able to facilitate and guide their learning in developmentally appropriate ways.

As the school year winds down I am becoming more zen about the experience. What has it taught me? I'm starting to redirect the anger and disappointment and trying to forgive those who caused it or made it so difficult. I was told yesterday to "Let it go" and forgive. It's simple, but good advice. Forgiveness is always healing. However, I think it is also easier to forgive after the fact. It's hard to forgive while still experiencing the pain.

I look forward to a summer of healing and rejuvenation. I've never counted down the days, but this year it's nice to know I can walk away in 26 days.

Year 24, please be good to me!


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