Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

I went to Barnes & Noble this afternoon to check out the new children's books and fell in love with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

I was immediately enchanted by the warm, welcoming cover and carried it over to small table to read. The book is breathtaking.  It is filled with a charm reminiscent of the books I read as a boy.  The story spoke to all the different sides of me.  The "me" who loves dynamic, old tyme illustrations, the "me" who appreciates a touching, tender story and the teacher "me" who relishes the excitement of finding brilliant new books to share with my students.

A sticker on the cover noted this was an Academy Award winning short film.  I was pleased to find the whole thing available on YouTube!  If you have 15 minutes do yourself a favor and get lost in the pages.  The movie captures the heart of the book (or is it the other way around?).

I want to be a little more like Mr. Morris Lessmore and lose myself in books a little more often.

What a brilliant day!


Karen said...

I must check it out! One thing I've done as an adult is revisit some memorable children's books from my own childhood. It is a wonderful walk down memory lane. I can understand why some books stand the test of time. I even purchased the old goody "The Five Chinese Brothers" and shared it with my own kids over the years. Reading- Is Fundamental ;D lol

Unknown said...

I have it on my iPad. It is gorgeous ! And I read it thinking, "I'm so happy I have the "e-version." A super example of an elegant usage of technology. It's fantastic.

Gary said...

I really need to get myself an iPad one of these days!

Ms.M said...

I'm not allowed to go to B&N's children's section anymore. :/ Not unless I want to be poor. Though I got a Nook for my class and have been burning money that way too. Ouch.

Thanks for the book review. I'll look it up next time I get a coupon. :) You know how I love picture books. :)


Gary said...

I know! Ever since I got the Kindle and found out how easy it is to download books (both for me and for my class) I have had to step away several times. But sometimes the books are simply too delicious to resist. This is one of them.

Ms.M said...

Books are always delicious. :) I have a very hard time resisting. I love books more than I do French fries and that is saying something. Lol



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